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Why Intercom System Service in NYC Is The Best-Suited Choice During Lockdown?

  • on April 28th, 2020

When the whole world is practicing Self-Quarantine due to the outbreak of contagious disease, COVID-19 pandemic has forced people to maintain social distancing and do work from home. For the burglars, thieves this is a huge opportunity to commence their heinous crime of vandalism, trespassing, and unwanted intrusion effortlessly since no one is present on streets to keep an eye on them. Mostly the security guards of the buildings, residents are also off their duty, and in order to protect your possessions, valuable ornaments and loved ones you require a Home security network such as Intercom System in NYC.

This security system, when integrated with other systems such as CCTV, provides security like never before. In the tough times, using of intercom system is effective and top-notch since it has already proved its mettle in the security field. It is reliable and peerless enough to safeguard your premises from the eyes of loiters and provide real-time surveillance to your property. Also, Intercom system service in NYC will help you in maintaining adequate distance without coming in direct contact with the infected person. Whenever someone rings the doorbell with its feature of two-way communication and video, you can communicate and watch the visitor while maintaining social distancing. Perhaps, video intercom is quite an effective security system, especially during Lockdown and can competently suffice your apprehensions any time. Installing an intercom system in your premises is the need of the hour!

While intercom systems are available in all shapes and sizes in the market, some are more technologically advanced and sophisticated. It all depends on your budget and premises requirement. No matter in the trying times, if your budget is relatively less, you can still get a quality intercom system. Now, let’s see which type of intercom systems are available in the market and which would be the best fit for your requirements.

Types of Intercom System Service in NYC:

Wireless Intercom System: The most significant advantage of a wireless intercom system is that it is comparatively advanced than a wired intercom system. This intercom system doesn’t create a mess in the home since it is a wireless system and no wires run over the house. Without spoiling the appealing look of your house, the system will be installed. These systems are battery-powered and equipped with portable receivers.

Wired Intercom System: The biggest advantage of wired intercom system is that it is cost-effective and the wires that connect to the system run throughout the walls and ceilings. It allows for easy and efficacious two-way communication using cables. The audio signal provided with this intercom is better than a wireless system.

Video Intercom: Video Intercom system comes with a camera, speaker and an internal monitoring screen, and it can record the ongoing activities in real-time. It is effective at protecting your premises since it monitors the activities of visitors 24x7.

Hire All Around Security for Top-Notch Intercom System service in NYC

Now, when you’re acquainted with the benefits of having an Intercom system, get our meticulously designed intercom system for your home and that too at reasonable charges. Being the premier leader in the security field, our mavens will help you in choosing the right intercom system depending on the level of security your premises entails.

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