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Top Features to Look For In A Video Security System in NYC

  • on February 17th, 2020

When it comes to protecting your loved ones and valuable assets from vandalism, trespassing and burglars, video security cameras can go a long way towards deterring crime. Once you’ve made your mind to install video security system in NYC, the next question that comes in mind is what type of video security system and what all cutting-edge features should it encompass. A modern camera is equipped with hi-end features and comes with never-ending options, and you’re present with tons of choices. It often becomes intricate to select the right security camera that utterly matches your needs. Find a professional expert who helps you in choosing the perfect camera system that best suits your needs. Investing in a peerless security camera can be the biggest investment one can make to protect their property from unwanted intruders. With Video Security system installation in NYC, no criminal’s wicked deeds would go unnoticed. Don’t inquire from the marketing consultants about the features of security cameras since their sole aim is to sell the most expensive equipment available in the store. Instead, hire All Around Security reliable services. We are a premier leader in the security filed. Our qualified mavens have years of expertise in this niche. They will assist you in choosing the right type of security camera, depending on your purpose and preferences. Let us look at the list of features that you must have in your security camera system. Always choose a camera with these features such as record HD quality footage, withstand any type of weather, comprehensive to send alerts to your phone and can detect motion. Here’s a guide to refer when buying a security camera. Have a Look!

High-Resolution Cameras: No one can escape from the watchful eyes of a High-resolution camera. The camera with the highest resolution and enhanced features aids in recording the activities of intruders and criminals. With its superior high-resolution quality, it becomes tough for burglars to escape since; the perpetrator will be easily identifiable. No one has guts to commit theft, assault, any crime in front of a camera. If they are aware, they’re being monitored they will avoid committing illegal or any suspicious activity.

If you already have an analogue camera and it is not able to suffice your security needs,

no worries, All Around Security experts will upgrade it to a high definition IP Network Surveillance System and that too at reasonable charges.


24/7 Live Recording Unfailingly: You should buy a security camera which is effectual enough to record 24 hours unfailingly and is able to capture images during low-light situations. Invest in a camera which is proficient in recording at night when it is dead dark. Consider a camera with infrared technology; it is the most desired feature for outdoor security cameras.


Remote Access: A third feature you should look in a camera is the easy accessibility on your devices. For controlling the camera and accessing video recordings, you require access on your phone or tablet. Owners can keep a watch on the employees by sitting at home with the remote access feature. It will live stream the video footage uninterruptedly on your mobile device. Make sure your camera is compatible with the device. It will also endow you with mobile alerts.


Now, let us find out what common types of security cameras are available in the market.


Wired and Wireless Cameras: Wireless cameras are portable and flexible; the user can anytime effectually change their position without any difficulty. On the other hand, wired cameras create a mess due to the running of wires all over the house. But Brownie point is they are inexpensive than wireless cameras.


Bullet Cameras: A perfect camera to deter criminals, it is a long cylindrical shaped camera and comes in a wide array of sizes.


Dome Cameras: In comparison to Bullet cameras, the dome camera is slightly bigger in size. It offers extensive coverage and is accumulated with functions and features such as pan and tilt.


Now, when you’re able to identify the right camera for your security purpose, you’re just one step closer than getting a top-notch and ideal security camera for your premises. All Around Security is a one-stop destination for your entire security requisite. We bestow our valuable clients with the unsurpassed security system installation services in NYC. We thrive on delivering security camera systems that are accumulated with matchless features that are mentioned above. Our proficient team proffers unparalleled 24 hours of customer service and support.



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