Don’t Combat with CoVid-19! Just Install Fever Screening Camera

  • on July 22nd, 2020

Due to the current pandemic situation all over the globe and the number of cases of CoVid-19 reported across the world, some countries are doing better than others to combat the situation. According to the recent researches and scientific studies by the scientists reflects that the coronavirus can spread by several specified ways and live more than 72 hours on a rigid surface. It is also well known that one major symptom of virus infections is body temperature. 


We are living in unprecedented times and everyone has to adapt to the new-normal of limiting physical interactions. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t go outside for your business! We may not be able to use the traditional in-person interaction, but the use of commercial security systemsfever screening camera system and fever detection camera allows you to practice social distancing safely. A fever screening camera or fever detection camera should be an element of the layered screening process for that disease specifically associated with the elevated fever. In an unprecedented time, it is vital to ensure proper measures are taken by organizations to mitigate the risk of virus. It is mandatory and as per the recent WHO guidelines that everyone’s body temperature needs to be checked if they have a fever, they should not be allowed dint he premises and instead advised to use a doctor. 




As per the recent studies of nearly 56,000 laboratories has confirmed cases cited in the report, the most common symptom, experienced by 88% of confirmed CoVid-19 patients, is fever. To secure and infection-free environment everyone needs a solution which can offer a high range of security and infection-free ambience. There are a plethora of companies are offering fever screening solutions in the market today, however, only a few companies are reliable in the lack of accurate results. Choose All Around Security Inc. thermal temperature monitoring solution and set it up in your spot to shield yourself and your family members from the coronavirus outbreak.

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