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All Around Security Inc. has launched body temperature measuring thermal security cameras which are able to sense elevated body temperatures in people who visit your place. These body temperature measuring thermal surveillance cameras are able to detect fevers in people that come in the proximity of your area. The systems use AI to monitor many people simultaneously. The system sends automatic alerts whenever an ill person is suspected. The fever screening thermal camera undoubtedly protects our people from raging effects of viral infections and pandemic diseases.

Screenshots from Actual Thermal Footage

Thermal Temperature Monitoring Solution

We render a complete security solution with our body temperature measuring thermal imaging camera system, built upon latest innovation with multiple sensors, that can track people, sense their surroundings and temperatures, screen their body and things they carry, without intruding them personally.
  • Fortify your home security system
  • Live video monitoring & temperature sense
  • Easy Access from anywhere
  • View security alerts / notification

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Thermal Security Monitoring Solution

Thermal cameras enable the users to see the things which otherwise remain hidden. The undetectable heat radiations released or reflected by all objects, are captured by the thermal security cameras, regardless of lighting conditions. Some of the greatest benefits of body temperature measuring thermal imaging camera system are that they detect and sense the body temperatures of the visitors and hence offer constant protection from potential intruders as well as ailments.
  • Low vision Scenarios
  • No Visual Limitations
  • Detects Slight Variations
  • X-Ray Inspection System
  • High Return on Investment

Key Benefits

With our wide range of innovative security products like Body temperature measuring thermal surveillance camera and eminent services that include body temperature measuring thermal screening camera installation we facilitate our customers with numerous benefits to keep their safety intact. In coming time, the lives of people will be at risk, unknowingly. Not only from intruders or criminals, people will have to keep safe from each other, with the growing incidences of viral infections.
  • Manageable: These products are easily manageable and do not require any special skill or training to operate and use them.

  • High Efficiency: Body temperature measuring thermal ip camera and other similar products are designed meticulously to work efficiently to capture minute details.

  • High accuracy ±0.54° F: They automatically scan body temperatures with utmost perfection to know the physical condition of the visitors or people in your area. If they are suffering with viral infections and diseases like Swine Flu, Corona, Ebola, Malaria and Dengue, they will promptly alert you.

  • Non-Contact: You need not to come in physical contact with the suspects who visit your place. Instead you can check the physical fitness of the people visiting you place, while remaining safe and inside.

Why Choose Us

As a security service provider, All Around Security ensures that you always rest assured regarding the safety of your assets and premises. We incorporate AI technology and distinct features in our security systems to understand individual security needs and suffice them with optimum solutions. Having realized that security is much more than the key and credentials, we take care that with ever changing safety requirements and growing challenges, we equip our clients with utmost security and everlasting trust.
  • Amiable and experienced technicians
  • High Quality and Robust Products
  • 24/7 Professional Monitoring
  • Quick and Timely Support
  • Fully licensed and Cost-Effective Solutions

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The trust of the happy customers is the only reward that any business strives to earn, and we have been lucky to have attained it with our diligent efforts and services.
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