Access Control and Biometric Systems

All Around Security Inc. was created on one basic principle, the customer always comes first. We provide professional and expert same day service on all security systems in the New York area. Access control and Biometric systems are designed to allow you to monitor and restrict access to your space. With this simple to install access system, you will always know who was here and when.

Types of Access Control Systems

Access Control systems in NYC are installed for different applications and different needs that Building owners and business owners in New York City will want to address. Access control systems allow key-less entry with the ability to restrict entry by time and date, password, card/fob or bio-metric restriction to the space in NYC. Access Control will allow you to know when someone entered and will save you money on changing locks after tenants or employees in NY left and no longer allowed access.

Card or FOB Proximity Access

Card or FOB Proximity Access

NYC’s most popular Card or FOB Proximity Access Control System used in many different industries and facilities.

Many residential and commercial office buildings use this type of Access control system to allow or restrict access to the main entrance to the buildings, restrict individual floor, apartment or office access.

The fob Access System can be Installed on many different applications; metal doors, wood and glass doors, iron gates and even elevator access control can be used in New York.

If using a card for your Access control you can use the same card as an employee ID by printing a photo on the access card.

Bio-Metric Recognition

Bio-Metric Recognition

The most secure and advanced Access Control & Bio-Metric Recognition System, in New York City.

Access is granted or denied by the Access control system scanning parts of your body, like fingerprints, palm or eyes.
These Access Control credentials are almost impossible to duplicate or hack in NYC.

Keypad password access

Keypad password access

The Keypad Access Control System is an easy way to achieve more cost-efficient access control and keyless entry for smaller buildings or offices in NYC.

The keypad uses assigned numeric passwords to gain access and unlock the doors.

Passwords for this type of Access control system can be easily changed periodically to maintain high levels of security in New York City.

Phone App Access

Phone App Access

A methodology that manages access rights by evaluating a set of rules, policies and relationships using the attributes of users, systems and environmental conditions.

Who Needs an Access Control System?

Today Access Control Systems are widely used in all different applications in New York. Its an easy way to know when your employees came to work, easy access to buildings, schools industrial facilities, theaters, retail stores, government offices and warehouses in NYC .

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