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Face Recognition Access Control System

Automatic Face Recognition (AFR) technology has brought a revolution in the world. Smart attendance with the use of Face Recognition technology has come up as a real-time solution to monitor the attendance and daily in and out of the students or employees. The face biometrics are scanned by a high definition monitor video and technological features that recognize human faces precisely to allow only authentic access.

Feature of face recognition attendance device

What is an no-touch access control body temperature system

This is a multi-purpose access control system that provides more safety than mere facial, palm or finger print recognition. It also includes the detection of the visitor’s body temperature, even if they are wearing a protective mask. With this body temperature access control system installation at your place, people with elevated body temperatures are restricted from entering your premises and causing contagious infections to spread across your place.
  • Face Mask Detection
  • Thorough Screening of Visitors
  • Door Reader Helps in Recognition
  • Supported By Access Control Management Software

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Body Temperature with Face Mask Access Control Door Reader

Body temperature camera system installation enables people to get an extra layer of security for their people and place. It is an access control door reader that includes a thermal sensor that easily scans the person’s physical attributes and whether they are wearing a mask or not. It senses the presence of people, things, metals and elevated body temperatures. When temperature of people is recorded beyond the acceptance parameters an alarm goes on and alerts the owners.

  • Body Temperature & Mask Detection
  • Biometric Facial Recognition
  • Accessible  from anywhere
  • Anti-Spoofing Algorithm
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As a security service provider, All Around Security ensures that you always rest assured regarding the safety of your assets and premises. We incorporate AI technology and distinct features in our security systems to understand individual security needs and suffice them with optimum solutions. Having realized that security is much more than the key and credentials, we take care that with ever changing safety requirements and growing challenges, we equip our clients with utmost security and everlasting trust.
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No-touch Access Control Body Temperature system Key Benefits

You can control everything in your house with our application. Use your phone to monitor your home any part of globe For the greater part of us.
  • Body Temperature Detection: Detects body temperatures and gives timely alert

  • Temperature Detection Minimum Unit: 0.10C: Body temperature detection accuracy +/- 0.6 degrees Fahrenheit and from up to 18-inches away.

  • Wearing Mask Identification: It can identify a person wearing a mask and can also sense palm and thumb impression.

  • Abnormal Temperature Warning: It promptly sends warning whenever an abnormal temperature in the person visiting is detected

  • Binocular Live Detection: Its dual lens IR & VL camera recognizes and detects both in total darkness and bright sunlight.

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