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4 Reasons Why You Need Intercom System Installation in Your Building

Are you not apprehensive whenever your doorbell rings at odd hours? Burglaries, theft, kidnappings, mass shootings, etc. have now become a regular task for the antisocial elements. News related to crimes occurring in New York is quite common these days. People feel insecure at home as well as at their workplaces. Do you never know if the person standing at your door is a friend or a foe? Opening the door for such people might put you in a vulnerable situation. In-office it becomes difficult to decipher which employee had tried to trespass through a restricted area. But, through intercom system installation services in NY, all residential and commercial buildings could be equipped with an improved and advanced layer of security. You will know who is standing at your door and accordingly take a decision whether to let him enter or not.

Staying alone at home will no more be a challenge, neither will you have an anxiety rush hovering over your mind about the doorbell ringing at odd hours. With the help of audio and video features of an intercom system, you can simply know who your visitor is and what is the purpose of his visit. Similarly, in a commercial building, you can screen your clients, visitors, or vendors before granting them access. It’s a two-way communication through which you can filter out the requirements of your visitors. Hence, through clear speakers, microphones and hi-end cameras, intercom system, it provides enhanced security to its users.

Types of Intercom System

·        Wireless Intercom

·        Wired Intercom

·        Video Intercom

·        Apartment Intercom

      With different kinds of the intercom systems, you can ascertain flexible communication and hence, control the security parameters of a building. Not to forget different locations of an office building can be conveniently accessed with an intercom system installation.

Benefits of Intercom System

·        Enhanced Security

One of the most important benefits of an intercom system is to provide comprehensive security to its users. The two-way communication enables you to authenticate the person standing at the door through conversation while the video feature provides visual snapshots. Moreover, you will be spared from going all the way to the entrance to open the door for some unwanted visitor.

·        Advanced Flexibility

The intercom system installation is essential for buildings which have multiple access points. It ensures easy access control and flexible communication between the different access points of a building. It is applicable for both commercial facilities as well as residential buildings. For example, through an intercom system, you can get to know if an unauthorized person is trying to gain access into a prohibited area and immediately deny his/her entry. Similarly, in a residential apartment where multiple residents or tenants reside, intercom system helps them to directly communicate with any visitor and decide whether or not he/she should be allowed to enter the building.

·        Convenient

In office buildings with multiple access points, an intercom system installation makes way for accessible communication. You can have a quick conversation with anyone, without getting up from your workstation. For older people at home, it becomes a challenge for them to every time get up and answer the doorbell. It is also not safe for them as the person standing out might be a crook. Hence, intercom systems ease their task and even look after their security by two-way communication.

·        Substitute Phones

There are many commercial buildings where the usage of phones is strictly prohibited. Moreover, in specific locations, mobile connectivity is too weak to make calls. An intercom system acts as a saviour for those who are trying to gain access to the building.

According to a famous quote, “safety is a choice you make”, installing an intercom system is an appropriate solution to ensure the safety of any building. Moreover, with All Around Security Inc’s. intercom system, you enjoy 24 hours of a seamless secured environment. The intercom systems are designed using advanced technology and sophisticated features which makes them suitable for both residential as well as commercial buildings. Customised services are available for every individual client and their requirements. Easy installation, configuration process and repair are added benefits. Therefore, with All Around Security Inc’s intercom system installation services in NY, maintaining your building’s security will no more be a reason for concern.



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